About The LRF

Millions of people go to bed night after night without knowing the truth about Jesus Christ. “He is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by Him.”

The Life Resources Foundation, Inc. exists to equip people, through biblical training and life-skills development, to plant churches among the least-reached, and to make an impact in their communities for the glory of God. Transforming committed disciples into prepared, faithful and fruitful church-planters is the heartbeat of the Life Resources Foundation.

The LRF appears to be the only evangelical school in the Philippines that specializes in preparing church-planters in their own heart language to plant churches through a wholistic ministry among least-reached in the Southern Philippines and beyond. The students live and work on the LRF campus during their two-year course of study. They have weekly ministry assignments where they can practice in a Muslim community what they have been learning in the classroom.

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Teaching Methodologies

The Life Resources Foundation provides three types of training:

  • Formal Lectures, seminars and work- shops on cross-cultural life and ministry are led by experienced Christian workers.
  • Informal Personalized interaction with teachers and staff in a mentoring role aids students in character development and the application of biblical truth in their own lives.
  • Nonformal Experiential field training through ministries in local churches and field practicum gives students exposure to the work, as well as first-hand experience.

Optimal Location

The LRF location is near Iligan City on the island of Mindanao. Thirteen of the least-reached people groups in the Philippines live on or near Mindanao. Many of the least-reached people on Mindanao speak the Cebuano language, as well as the native language of their particular people group. This is an advantage for LRF graduates, who receive their biblical training in Cebuano. Ministry on Mindanao can be initiated in Cebuano while the church-planters proceed to learn the native language of their chosen people group.