The Story of Ricky

The Story of Ricky

I grew up knowing about God because of my Christian background but I was not saved.   I believed that if I died I would go to heaven because I was good and didn’t have any vises like others.  I did not have a personal relationship with God even though I’d been to church many times as a child.

While I was at camp, the Pastor’s sermons were about salvation and I was interested in what he had to say.  He taught about Christ suffering and dieing for the lost (Me).   I was frightened about Hell.  I realized that I was a sinful man and very dirty in God’s eyes.  The last night of the camp was my most unforgettable moment because I decided to accept Jesus.  I believed that he was the gateway to heaven and I accepted Him into my heart.  I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior because He is the only way to heaven.  That was December of 2006 during my third year of High School and now God has really done great things in my life.  I am trying to glorify him and follow him daily.  Now I am enjoying the presence of the heavenly Father in my life.  I am not ashamed to share His word with others.  I’ve seen a lot of people who are on the way to hell.  Who will share the gospel with them?  If not me, then who?  What about my Muslim brothers and sisters that are bound in their wrong beliefs?  They are willing to die for their beliefs.  This is why I responded to God’s call for me.  Through His word He gave me a burden to go.

This passed summer while at camp I became convinced that God is calling me to be a missionary.  During my 3rd year of High School, I committed myself to become a missionary.  But there was a hindrance with my age.  I was only 17 years old and 2 years in my relationship with Christ.  But the will of God has prevailed and one of my Christian brothers told me about a Bible school for missions called the Life Resources Foundation.  I met one of their staff.   As I talked to him, I had a strong desire to enroll because many don’t have the opportunity to hear the gospel.  I prayed much to God for His will.  I asked God to let me come to Bible school if it is His will and if it were not His will to let me know early so that I would not waste my time.  He is awesome, great and worthy to be praised because He granted my hearts desire through prayer, I can say it is a dream come true to be here.  God has done great things in my life while studying here at the LRF.  He is molding and equipping me as I learn more about His work.

While at the LRF God is really equipping me and preparing me for the ministry.  I have a burden for missions.  But still I am waiting for God’s will of where He would have me go.

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