The Story of Mason

The Story of Mason

I was lost and found, lost again and was found a second time.  I grew up in a Christian family and had an idea of who Jesus was.  At the age of nine I happened to meet someone in a children’s Bible study.  He was a Bible student and he shared with me about Jesus and heaven.  I used to stop and think about the things that He shared with me about Jesus and how to enter His kingdom.  As a kid, of course I wanted to live in Heaven.  What made me really think was the fact that the penalty of sin is death.  The only way to be saved was through Jesus alone.  A few weeks later I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  As I grew older I drifted from God.  I was influenced by my peers or “barkada” to do things that were displeasing to God.  I did things that many unbelievers do, like getting drunk, smoking and even taking drugs.  My life became miserable.  I rebelled against my parents, didn’t perform well in my studies, and was disobedient to my teachers.  I cut classes just to hang out with my barkada.

When I graduated from High School, I separated from my barkadas.  My best friend, who was a Christian, invited me to a care group (bible study).  That day I was reminded about the commitment I had made to God when I was a young boy.  I repented and recommitted my life to the Lord for the second time and became active in serving God in different church ministries.

I had decided to study at the Life Resources Foundation back in High School.  I met someone special in my life, which later brought many regrets.  Not because we separated but because of the things I did to her and to God.  She was a Muslim girl.  She became my girl friend.  The truth is that I didn’t love her.  What brought me the most regret is that she told me that she wanted to become a Christian but I did nothing about it.  I missed the opportunity to lead her to the Lord because I was an irresponsible Christian.

I believed God was giving me another chance.  Through prayer and the help of my discipleship leader, I received God’s conformation that His was calling me to a school such as the LRF.  Today, I am here with you at the LRF to study and learn how to share the gospel.  And most of all, I want to fulfill the will of the Lord in my life.
Here at the LRF God is teaching me and putting a burden in my heart.  I also have learned a lot about God’s Word and how to apply it to my life.  I am praying that God will help me, and give me the strength, courage and wisdom to continue here.  I am praying that God will lead me and that he will make my life fruitfully.

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